Daring Bakers – Pizza Challenge

I knew I was going to be very busy this month so I decided to make this challenge early in the month. For a while a couple of friends and I had been talking about a pizza night where we would make our own pizzas. So when I read that this month’s callenge was to bake pizza like a real pizzaiolo I had the perfect excuse to get together with some friends and do it.

The challenge was to use Peter Reinhart’s pizza crust recipe and toss the pizza in the air like a real pizzaiolo.We got together at Fabrice’s house one Saturday night. I provided the dough, which I started Friday night,  and Jeremy and Fabrice the toppings. We had a lot of fun making them. We baked 3 pizzas total, one Hawaiian, one dairy-and-pork-free for Jeremy and one pepperoni and bell peppers.

Part of the challenge was to capture on film the moment when you were tossing the pizza, but unfortunately we were having so much fun that I forgot to take pictures. But if you need proof you can ask Fabrice, Jeremy or Jon and they will testify (under oath) that I indeed tried. I ended up using a rolling pin just to get them thin enough, but I wasn’t afraid of the dough (not anymore!) Here are the only 2 pics I took that night:

I wanna thank Rosa for this challenge, which wasn’t much of a challenge since I bake pizza at least once a week, but still was a lot of fun. This challenge is in memoriam of Sherry, a great blogger that passed away on July 20th, 2008. Wherever she is I am sure she’s smiling at all of us goofy Daring Bakers.

¡Buen provecho!

For the pizza recipe visit Rosa’s blog.


  • Great job on the challenge Ben!!! Your pizza looks like it turned out great!

  • Great pizza! I’m glad you liked the “challenge”! I also make pizza on a regular basis, but I had never made P. Reinhart’s dough before…



  • I bet it was so much fun doing this with a group of friends. We had no luck throwing the dough at all

  • Yeah! You made your own pizza dough. I believe you attemted the toss. This was a fun one.

  • O what fun Ben…I was looking forward to a toss up though! Looks like you had a great time! freinds, fun & pizza…what more can one want!! Live it up amigo!

  • 😉 excellent Ben!
    Under oath . . .

  • Making pizza is the best excuse to get together with friends! Your pizza turned out fantastic!

  • Isn’t pizza making even more fun when you do it with friends and family? I made mine with my husband and it was so much fun! Great work on your pizza – it looks delicious!

  • Looks like you guys had a lot of fun, Ben. Great job on your pizzas!

  • Must try this dough. All of this pizza is making me hungry! Yours looks fabulous!

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