Beer: Negra Modelo

Food is my life. I like to prepare it, smell it, savor it… But food is just one part of an amazing dining experience. There is this other part that I have neglected for way too long: the drinks that complete the experience. I don’t think that only alcoholic beverages can give a dinner that especial touch. There is the coffee after dinner. The exotic soda at lunch time, the energizing combination of different juices in the morning and the hot cup of cocoa in a cold day. That’s why every Wednesday I will explore a new drink (alcoholic and non) in a section that I am calling Wash it down Wednesday.

This is not a food event per say. I just want to explore the world of drinks, but if anybody wants to write about their favorite drinks, recommendations, reviews, etc. I will happily include a link every Wednesday to your blog. You just have to e-mail me the information of your post to ben[dot]herrera[at]whatscooking[dot]us. With that said let’s move on to my first WIDW.

Negra Modelo

I first need to say that I am not a connoisseur of alcoholic beverages (hence the creation of this section to learn more). My dad has never touched a beer or any drink with alcohol in his life, so I really wasn’t exposed to them until I moved out, and even then I didn’t get into drinking.

Anyway, I was first introduced to Negra Modelo by one of my uncles who loves the stuff. This beer is now my second favorite Mexican beer (being Noche Buena my favorite one, a brew available only around Christmas time). Negra Modelo is a dark beer with a reddish/brownish color. One of the things that some people don’t like about this beer is its mild malty aroma. But that doesn’t make it a weak beer. Its flavor is creamy, light and a little sweet with hints of chocolate and spices. It has a slight bitterness after each sip, not a bad thing considering that it disappears quickly making the next sip more enjoyable. The “sweetness” of the beer pairs perfectly well with spicy food. That’s why I got a case for my 24×3 dinner to serve with the chiles en nogada.

If you associate Mexican beer with Corona and a slice of lime it might be time to reconsider. This beer is definitely one of Mexico’s best, a proud black model.

Beer stats:

  • Brewery: Grupo Modelo S.A. de C.V. Mexico
  • Style: Vienna Lagger
  • abv: 5.40%
  • First produced: 1925

¡Buen provecho!


  • Mmmmm. I think I will like this feature!!! Negra Modelo is one of our favorites around here!

  • I had Negra about a yr. ago at a Tex-Mex joint here in Toronto. It’s a dark beer, noticeably stronger but great for cutting into the spicy dishes.

    Raise a glass of Negra!

  • I don’t think I’ve tried this. I’m not someone who enjoys a Corona unless it’s very, very cold. I do love Dos Equis, though and darker beer in general. I like your idea about Wednesdays. I will certainly try my best to stay tuned in and send in some ideas.

  • This is a great way to start with this beer. I like complex beers, so I would love this one. I don’t think I can find it around here. Can’t wait for your next Wednesday review.

  • I enjoy beer in very hot weather…this looks lovely Ben!

  • I’m really digging this new feature Ben. So you mean to tell me it’s for educational purposes, right? Just kidding. I for one have always considered Mexican Beer Corona, so thanks for shining some light on my beer-less brain :)

  • This is my favorite beer. In fact, I really don’t drink very often, but oh to have one of these on a hot summer afternoon! I make a spicy shrimp dish I found on that is fabulous with bread for dipping and this cold beer!

  • This sounds delicious. I don’t have much beer knowledge, but we’re almost out, so I’ll definitely pick up a couple of bottles and try them the next time I make spicy food.

  • I love your Wash it Down Wednesday idea…fabulous. I will be looking forward to reading your posts in the future. And Negra Modela is a great beer – thank you for the reminder.

  • Ben, this is (was) my hubby’s favorite Mexican beer. I don’t especially like beer except for maybe a sip or two. But this beer is very popular. I like the idea of your new segment. I’ll try to come up with something and email you. Hasta luego.

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