Bisquet Breakfast

This is Jon’s favorite Mexican bread. He calls them rolls, but in Mexico we call them “bisquets”. Unlike the biscuits up here in the States, the Mexican version is sweet and goes perfectly with your morning chocolate or cafe negro. However, I usually cut them lengthwise and use them for sandwiches. Jon’s favorite “bisquet sandwich” is an oven-toasted refried beans with ham and cheese sandwich.

Every time I go to the Mexican market I look for them, though I have to admit that the ones I find here are a little bit different than the ones we used to buy in Mexico. The taste is pretty similar, but the color is different (too yellow, maybe?) but we still love them, especially for breakfast or brunch. Yesterday we had them with eggs scrambled with zucchini, corn kernels, tomato, onion and Oaxaca cheese, a very simple and delicious breakfast.

If you come across this sweet Mexican “bisquet”, give it a try. It is a taste of the rich and varied Mexican baking tradition.

¡Buen provecho!


  • The bisquet/egg sandwich (and your favorite with beans, ham, and cheese) sound really tasty. I’ll have to keep my eye out for them when I’m in an hispanic market…though I’m thinking they look too good not to be high in calories and fat which may make me put them back on the counter. Sorry to be a downer.

  • That looks like a tasty breakfast!

  • That’s a damn fine crust. So nicely browned.

  • Beautiful Ben. Not ever had one and now I’m ready for one or two!

  • I’ve had these in Mexico — a bit sweet for breakfast, but fun for sandwiches for lunch.

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  • Hey Ben,

    i wanted to ask this question (or several questions) on the Torta Breakfast post, but ads were getting in the way of the comments thing. Anyway, where is the recipe for bollilos/teleras? I checked your recipe page and had no luck. am I just being dumb? be honest…! and what’s the texture like of these rolls? Are they crisp on the outside or soft? They look like Galician-style rolls from Spain and/or round Portuguese rolls which are firm but not as crispy as a baguette, but in the Mexican bodegas near us in Brooklyn, the rolls are nearly always soft like a kaiser roll.
    And finally, the bisquets look like they’ve got the color and texture of a brioche, but look more like an (American) biscuit, again what’s the texture like inside and out?

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