Bisquet Breakfast

This is Jon’s favorite Mexican bread. He calls them rolls, but in Mexico we call them “bisquets”. Unlike the biscuits up here in the States, the Mexican version is sweet and goes perfectly with your morning chocolate or cafe negro. However, I usually cut them lengthwise and use them for sandwiches. Jon’s favorite “bisquet sandwich” is an oven-toasted refried beans with ham and cheese sandwich.

Every time I go to the Mexican market I look for them, though I have to admit that the ones I find here are a little bit different than the ones we used to buy in Mexico. The taste is pretty similar, but the color is different (too yellow, maybe?) but we still love them, especially for breakfast or brunch. Yesterday we had them with eggs scrambled with zucchini, corn kernels, tomato, onion and Oaxaca cheese, a very simple and delicious breakfast.

If you come across this sweet Mexican “bisquet”, give it a try. It is a taste of the rich and varied Mexican baking tradition.

¡Buen provecho!


  • I’d love to try this. When you describe Mexican cooking I often think of the novel, Like Chocolate For Water (did I get the title right?)…It was a book I really enjoyed and inspired my interest in Mexico and her food!

  • err, or was it Like Water For Chocolate???!!!!

  • Ben they look great but where is the recipe, I can’t find it?

  • They look like sweet burguers Ben! Here, we have something a bit similar, great for breakfast, called ensaimadas.

  • Any type of breakfast egg sandwich receives mad support from me. As soon as I read about the refried beans one, my mouth fell open. Now THAT’S an idea! I want to party with you guys

  • Yumm! They look delicious Ben! Perfect for that first hit of caffeine i the morning. I also love the egg combo you served it for breakfast.

  • Oh Ben, they look delicious. Will have to hunt them down. I bet we have them here!!!

  • that’s a very interesting sandwich… wonder if i’ll be able to find “bisquets” here… maybe something similar will do… 🙂

  • When we were at the Wine festival we were sitting next to an entourage from mexico City travelling through our area to write about it for a magazine. I would have loved to talk to them more. We were munching on East Indian food but a bisquet would have been nice:D

  • Ben they look delicious, love the way you served them with the eggs. the re fried beans combo sounds good too 🙂

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