Here’s another fruit I grew up with that haven’t seen very often in the U.S., mamey. What is mamey?  it is a fruit the size of a big potato with a hard, leathery, brown skin that grows in big trees (some of them reach 40 feet high). The flesh of the fruit is pink/salmon in color and creamy. If you ask me I would say that it is a sweeter version of avocado, but some people say that it tastes like  pumpkin, only richer and sweeter. 

How do people eat mamey? Although it is original to southeast Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, I don’t remember it being very popular in Mexico City. The most common way to eat mamey there, that I remember, is in milkshakes and ice creams. However, I’ve read that many people eat it raw out of hand. I personally don’t like it very much like that, but I love mamey milkshakes. The smell and flavor of a mamey milkshake is a very delicious experience. 

Yesterday when I was at the Mexican market, a very familiar and delicious aroma that filled my noistrils guided me to where this guy was waiting for me. I knew I wanted to make a milkshake and maybe a gelato with it, but I eneded up using half of it in a cake. I was in the mood to bake a cake and and the result was amazing. I will post the recipe later this coming the week along with whaever else I decide to use the other half of my mamey in. But for now enjoy this beatiful view.

¡Buen provecho!


  • Hi Ben,
    That fruit is prevalent here in the jungles of northern Guatemala, only here they are called zapote or sapote. I find the taste quite reminiscent of not only pumpkin, but of pumpkin pie, and for that reason, the only thing I have actually cooked with it (yes, we eat it raw usually) is a pie, and it was super delicious.

  • I’ve never heard of this before but it looks good, like an orange avocado! You shouldn’t tease us like this though … make us something wonderful with it! :-)

  • I always say I learn something every day from blogging Ben:D

  • I always say I learn something every day from blogging Ben:D

  • I always say I learn something every day from blogging Ben:D

  • I always say I learn something every day from blogging Ben:D

  • oh how u love to bite!
    isn’t the best. unfortunately, while i was in Mexico two weeks ago, In only found ice cream one time and nothing else :( same with tamarindo. I was very sad.

  • I see mamey at the local Caribbean market, but never know what to do with it. Looking forward to your recipes!

  • interesting… never tried one… :)

  • hola ben,

    this is a neat site–i’m enjoying your broad perspective!

    mamey IS an unusual fruit, and even here in FL can be hard to find if you aren’t in the South FL area. friends from cuba have said that it is temperamental to grow, being so susceptible to cold, so that it can hardly be grown as far north as miami!

    so the only real taste i get of mamey is an occassional milkshake when in SBeach. I’ve heard rumors of frozen bags of chunked mamey, but never seen it myself. it’s a different flavor, but if anyone sees it out, give it a try, it’s tasty and unforgettable!


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