13 foods that made me skinny

OK, that title is an exageration. just like last week’s Thursday 13. Your choices and lifestyle are what make you fat or skinny, not only food. However, these 13 dishes helped me in my battle against the scale (a war that is not over yet). Next week I will post about the changes in my lifestyle I had to make to lose weight. But for now, enjoy these 13 healthier (compared to last week’s) recipes:

1. Breakfast bomba (or breakfast in a glass)

2. Tropical tuna salad

3. Baked salmon and veggies

4. Nopalitos (prickly pear pads) salad

5. Chicken in a sweet/spicy lentil sauce

6. Mexican whole-wheat pizza

7. Tuna and quinoa cakes

8. Party apple salad

9. Healthy quinoa burritos

10. Jicama and chicken spring rolls

11. Turkey albondigas in tomatillo sauce

12. Grape zucchini gazpacho

13. Tomatillo sauce Hawaiian pizza

There you have it 13 healthier recipes that helped in my fight against overweight. For those of you wondering why pizza made it to the list, well pizza is not bad for you. Unless it has a THICK crust overloaded with cheese and fat.

¡Buen provecho!

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  • happy tt and your food choices made me hungry.

  • There seems to be a preponderance of vegetables there, which rules many of them out for me. Tuna and quinoa cakes look delicious — but what is quinoa?

  • These dishes look delicious! You’ve proven that “diet” food doesn’t necessarily have to be awful.

  • Some great looking food here, Ben, and congrats to you on getting healthy! I made a version of your chicken with sweet/spicy lentils the other day and it was great. I will be blogging it soon (I’m behind!). I’m glad for this roundup of great food since I’ve only just recently stumbled upon your blog and missed many of these the first time around.

  • Some of those look too yummy to be skinny-making.

  • some good looking food there especially those jicama & chicken spring rolls. I think the best thing we did was start eating breakfast everyday, steel cut oats & a non-fat yogurt & fruit smoothie

  • Wow who would not want to eat and drink their foods if they are like this diet or not. Those are the best looking healthy foods I have seen in a long while.

    You can visit my TT here.

  • My top 1 is probably lentils. Just a small bowl of it is so satisfying. It’s so easy to lose weight with dals.

  • Great list! The tuna quinoa cakes have been on my to-make list since you posted them!

  • Seeing as I’m on the Fat Loss 4 Idiots diets right now (12 lbs and counting), this blog caught my eye. I’m definitely making the Hawaiian pizza and the spring rolls. Yum!

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