A day at the market

This past Saturday I visited the North Market here in Columbus. I must confess that this was the first time I visited a farmer’s market this year. It’s not that I don’t want to, but not owning a car (I hate them!) in this country is pretty much like being handicapped, public transportation in this city is a joke.

But bitterness apart, I was pleased to be at a market surrounded by fresh produce and food. As a foodie that is one of the best experiences to have on a Saturday morning, right? For a moment there I felt like I was in a market back in Mexico, only 10 times smaller and 3 times more expensive.

Unfortunately we got there kind of late and didn’t see what I was looking for, figs. I made Jon promise that this coming Saturday he is going to get up early so we can get there before the fresh produce is gone. But at least I got a delicious watermelon and two huge cantaloupes the size of basketballs. I am going to be eating cantaloupe for a while. I already made cantaloupe ice cream (oh so good!) and have been eating it in my fruit salads every morning.

If you ever visit Columbus, Ohio, you have to come to the North Market. The farmer’s market is there every Saturday morning during the summer, but the market is open all year long. Inside you can find many different products, from the delicious Jeni’s ice creams to bakeries, pastarias and even Mexican food. My favorite booth is Curds and Whey that offers more than 300 imported and domestic cheeses and a bunch of other delicious products. It might not be the largest market I’ve visited, but it is a really neat place to spend a Saturday morning and get a bunch of fresh products for your kitchen.

¡Buen provecho, Columbus!


  • Oh could you get cheese curds at Curds & Whey or is that only for us crazy Northerners? I need to go back to the market here & look for figs as well. They were much more prevalent back in CA.

  • Hey there Ben. How’s it going. Love your market. Ours is rather small. Go figure. Wish I could shopping there for ultra fresh fruits and veggies. Great pictures.

  • Any idea how much of what is there is local? That’s my one complaint with the West Side Market in Cleveland. Sure, there’s great variety, but it’s almost entirely imported.

  • Too bad you didn’t get figs. That’s the hard part for us, waking up early to get at the good stuff! 😉

  • I’m so with you on the car thing, even though I do own one. One of the joys of being in Toronto this summer was the fabulous public transportation there.

  • The place looks great. Spending the day perusing different foods is always fun!

  • I wonder if figs would survive the trip from SD to Ohio with foam packing and dry ice? But at least you have a farmer’s market – closest one to me is 20 miles away and only on Tuesdays!

  • Story of my life! I hate getting up early! Nice to see where you shop Ben.

  • Next time I have to visit. I always remeber the last time we went to Columbus to visit CS’s old friend . We went apple picking and had a blast. So good!

  • Best way to spend Sat morning Ben…but a car would be a good idea! Just use it for Farmer’s Market trip. It’s great to learn of markets around the world…

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