Torta Breakfast

One of the greatest things about making your own bread at home is that you have a lot of versatility when it comes to easy, filling meals. And if you have small bread, it gets even easier. After I made bolillos for the first time I have been trying to keep homemade bread in the house all the time (Jon insists that store-bought bread is “not that bad“) so we can make a snack, eat it with dinner or use it for breakfast. And what kind of breakfast do you make with bolillos? Tortas de huevo, of course (egg Mexican sandwiches)

I am going to admit that this particular torta is kind of bland. A real torta should have tomato, onion and avocado slices in addition to the refried beans, scrambled eggs, cheese and ham. In my defense, I wasn’t feeling all there when I made this and I left out some important ingredients. It still looks good, doesn’t it? I should also add that this particular bread is not exactly a bolillo, but a telera. The difference is in the shape. Bolillos are lemon shaped with one long slash on top while teleras are more round with two shorter slashes on top. And technically this is either because bolillos and teleras are pan blanco, “white” bread, and this had a healthy darker color thanks to the whole-wheat. Either way it was a delicious breakfast that brought back so many memories…

¡Buen provecho!


  • Ben, I love tortas. You are so cool to make your own rolls. I made Turkey Tortas last year after Thanksgiving (left over turkey and all) but I used store bought rolls. You really are encouraging me to make my own. Thanks for the great post.

  • Ben I forgot to ask you, do you use the same recipe for Torta Rolls as you use for Bolillos?

  • The bolillos look delicious! Do you have a recipe for it here? Sadly, however, what baking bread has done to me is lament the fact that I’m eating store-bought bread whenever I’m eating it!

  • Sorry, Ben… I just saw the link… 😀

  • The bread looks lovely and there is nothing more comforting than an egg sandwich!

  • The best “brekky” (Australian slang for breakfast!) roll I’ve seen…I would have to try and stop at one though!

  • ben i always get here late at night and see you wonderful recipes ( the chili lastnight) and now this breakfast sandwich, you make me so darn hungry!!! If I keep eating this late at night I’m gonna have to roll myself to the computer!! LOL!!

  • That torta looks like it would hit the spot!

  • Who cares if you left stuff out? Looks great to me!

  • This is like the perfect breakfast: yummy and full of energy to get you through a long hard day but also great for weekend brunches because it has that home-like feeling thanks to the homemade bread.

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