Breakfast in a Glass

Watch out unhealthy breakfasts, you are about to get bombed! Like I mentioned a couple of times before, I need to lose weight before speedo season starts (Stephen Colbert said so) That’s why I have been eating a lot of fruits and vegetables and less meats and fatty foods. And the best way to do this is having bombas for breakfast.

Bomba is a kind of Mexico City fast food. And I think it is only a Mexico City thing because people from other states never knew what I was talking about when I asked for a bomba. All over the city you find these street booths that sell fruit juices and salads to the busy chilangos (that’s what Mexico City’s residents are called) and bomba is the crown jewel of these establishments. But what exactly is a bomba?

Bomba is a drink that contains just about any fruit and cereal you can put in it. A Mexico City bomba contains at least the following ingredients: orange juice or milk, papaya, banana, strawberry, cantaloupe, mango, pineapple, raisins, nuts, granola, honey, cocoa powder and raw eggs (not on mine though). If you have other fruits at hand you can add them to the concoction. I have even seen some bomba drinkers ask for celery and nopal juice in theirs.

Bomba is a healthy and whole breakfast when you are on the go (way better than fast food restaurants on the go breakfasts). Blend all your ingredients well, pour the concoction in a Tupperware Quick Shake container and you are ready to go. Easy, healthy and guilt-free. What is favorite healthy breakfast?


  • Mmmm, sounds delicious, Ben. I am so bad, I hardly ever eat breakfast. Then I am ready by 11:00 to eat something, but have to wait until lunchtime. What a vicious circle, lol!

  • What a great idea. I live in Caracas and I don’t think I’ve seen this (though they are creative with the street food, and there are fruit carts). I want to try it!

  • I am all for a quick and easy breakfast, it’s either that or I forget about it. I will have to give this a try! Thanks!

  • This sounds like the ideal hangover cure :)

  • its time for a fruit breakfeast. guess i will drink it at night im lready ”50” pounds

  • Ben, Realmente es una bomba! Se ve delicioso hay que probarlo. Yo tomo la de nopal con Hielo, miel, piƱa, jugo de naranja, avena y perejil bien licuado (un buen rato para que no salga la baba del nopal) Saludos!

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