Pizza Like You’ve Never Had Before!

Last week I came across two great recipes for pizza. Christina of She Runs, She Eats and Amy of We Are Never Full made such appetizing pizzas that I craved pizza the rest of the week. So Friday night, after a long day of spring cleaning, I put my apron on and decided to make some well-deserved and delicious pizza. Since I didn’t start my pizza dough early, I used some puff pastry for the pie instead (and because pizza dough still frightens me). Have you ever made puff pastry pizza? You should really try it sometime.

More than a recipe, this is my way of saying I love pizza and to experiment with new flavors and combinations for it. I am also including this post in the lunches section because it is easy to make (granted your pizza dough is ready) and light (unless you eat 8 slices) and because I had pizza leftovers for lunch next day. This is how I made this crazy pizza:

I first rolled my puff pastry and put it on my pizza dish

Then came the sauce. I added 1/2 cup red wine to Amy’s tomato sauce.

The cheese mix came after that. I mixed 1/2 lb of ricotta cheese, salt, pepper, Italian herbs, 1 egg and fresh parsley.

For the topping I sauted onion, garlic, zucchini (calabacitas), corn kernels and shredded chicken with some salt, pepper, a pinch of oregano and basil. (Adding poblano peppers and epazpote to this makes a great calabacitas dish)

The final touch was Poblano pepper strips on top.

I baked it at 400° F (200° C) for 15 minutes and voila! A crazy Mexican pizza was born.

Watching the Food Network the other day I learned that Ohio is the pizza capital of the nation (there are more pizzerias per capita here than in any other state), but I don’t think Ohio has seen a pizza like this before (lol) But how did it taste? It was pretty good. I love puff pastry pizza, that’s 40 points right there, adding chicken with the calabacitas and poblano gave it another 20 points, the consistency of the ricota cheese 5 points and the wine in the sauce another 15 points. The final score 80 points out of 100. Not bad for a new kid in pizza town. I still need to overcome my fear of pizza dough and make an authentic pizza, but that story shall be told another day.

Buen provecho!


  • Ben, in the same way you craved pizza after seeing my post, now I crave pizza after reading your post! “Oh, what a tangled pie we weave…” :)

    I’m definitely going to try pizza with puff pastry. I’ve seen savory tarts using it as a base, so I know it’ll be good.

  • To me it looks fantastic!!!! I think you deserve the 100 score, Ben! Now I’m the one craving for pizza… aaawwwwhhhg 😀

  • Friday night food at its best……fab food…..

  • Wow – that pizza looks good! I would never have thought of using puff pastry – a great idea!

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