How do you keep the commitment?

If you belong to a gym or fitness club you have probably noticed that Mondays are always busier than Fridays, not to mention the first days of the month or the year. It seems like everybody wants to start the week/month/year in the right direction. I know about this because I have done it. Many times I have promised myself that next Monday I will start (yet again) my exercise routine.

What happens in the middle of the week? Why do we slack after a couple of days? One simple word: MOTIVATION.

Life is hard and we have all these other things to take care of everyday (cooking, blogging, work, family, friends, etc) that most times exercising falls to the bottom of the list. Even though exercise has been part of my life for several years, many times it is very difficult to find the motivation to get off my butt and move (hence the 10 pounds I need to lose) So instead of writing about how NOT to motivate yourself I made a google search and found interesting articles about this topic.

I just want to mention that my favorite motivation to exercise is finding out that my 32″ waist jeans are too tight now. What’s your own motivation to work out?


  • I used to be active enough in sports and things that I didn’t need to exercise, but that is not true anymore. Right now I am doing a short, 15 minute exercise routine that increases in difficulty as you continue to do it. I know it’s not much, but it is better than nothing. It definitely helps me to do it on a schedule (part of my morning before classes).

  • That I cant fit into my designer suits anymore. Plus I cant be as flexible as I used to be. Im taking the day off and determined to make my class tonight after slacking off for a week and a half.

  • Tell me about it! As much as I enjoy food blogging I gotta stop eating the food! (I can’t help it!)

  • It’s all about habit for me. I have been working out at 5am 6 days a week for the past 8 years. It’s really hard to get up that early at first, but once you keep doing it, it just gets easier. Plus, I have no excuses that early in the morning. If I try to do it in the evenings, I can always find an excuse or something that needs to be done.

  • Oh gawd Ben – you just hit me in my sore spot :). It’s always such a challenge and a fine balance when you just happen to really love food and 90% of the great recipes you bookmark are ones you bake. My motivation of course comes from just wanting to feel good – to be active – to keep my muscles working – to be the best person I can be – mentally and physically.

  • Biggest motivation is driving over a pothole and noticing an extra jiggle where there never used to be a jiggle. 🙂

    Joe reminded me just last night that we pay a monthly gym membership fee (i.e. we’re wasting money). I must admit that food blogging this year and working from home has been horrible to my health … I dread to know just how much weight I’ve put on from it. I need to not think about going to the gym, I just need to do it. Thank you for the timely reminder!

  • My motivation for working out every morning is that I can then enjoy delicious food and drink while maintaining a size 4.

    I literally jump out of bed when the alarm goes off and get going, otherwise I’ll lie there and have the debate with myself “Just stay in bed a few more minutes, 30 minutes, an hour, you can exercise later, etc”. I’m not kidding when I say “jump out of bed”, the alarm goes off and I’m standing up to shut it of within 1 second. 15 seconds later the bed is made and there is no turning back 🙂

    My suggestion – get your workout in first thing in the morning and if you struggle to get up, turn your alarm up real loud and place it at the other end of the room so you HAVE to get up to shut it off 🙂

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