Chicken Papaya Wraps


This was so much fun. I must confess that I got the idea of making wraps for lunch from this Madeleine’s post. However, I wanted to make something new and special, and that’s when I turned to this delicious fruit I have been eating little by little this week:

If you think I finally lost it, you are right! That is exactly what crossed my mind when I finished making this avocado and papaya salsa for my wraps.

I used some papaya, one avocado, cilantro, the juice of 2 limes and a pinch of salt. I grilled two chicken breasts…

…put it all together over some lettuce and flour tortillas…

…and voila! I had a chicken wrap with a strange papaya and avocado sauce. But how did it taste? Like a little piece of foodie heaven.

I grew up eating papaya. We always had a bowl of fruit salad in the mornings before leaving home and papaya was almost always the star ingredient in those salads. But I had never thought about a papaya salsa or adding papaya to a savory dish before. Where has my head been all these years? Oh delicious papaya, you have opened a new door to my crazy cooking adventures.

Congratulations Jenn, you were the first one (after just 5 minutes!) to guess the secret ingredient. You have won a small Tupperware prize, a Quick Shake┬« Container. This was so much fun that I might do it again. It might even be a regular event. Who knows? Yes, I’ve lost my mind. Ha ha!


  • Mango?

  • Ok, so noone else has chosen it so I’ll go out on a limb …


    Had to, since my first guess was papaya and that has been done ;). Good luck all!!!

  • I am guessing tamarind because everyone else guessed papaya and mango:D

  • Is it persimmon?

  • D’oh! Good job, Jenn!

  • :) Thanks Ben! That was sooooo much fun! :) I am sooooo excited about my new shaker! I have always wanted one of those! YAY! This is my first time winning anything online!!!

  • oh, i did not win!! :( ( but i guessed wrong too!)
    Congrats Jen!

  • Who would have thought papaya could be so versatile. I wouldn’t have guessed in 100 years. Sigh…I’m so pedestrian.

  • Hmmm … I’ll admit that I’m not a huge fan of papaya. There’s something about the smell of it that turns me off … but, if someone were to make me avocado papaya salsa and put it in a yummy chicken wrap, I would likely eat it :-) It looks good!

  • Congrats Jen

    That salsa looks fab! Great idea!

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