Vegetarian Whole-Wheat Crepes

I have never made crepes before. I know, how is that possible? I always thought they were one of the most difficult things to make in the world. But when I was looking for ideas for the event Weekend Breakfast Blogging hosted by Mansi this month, I came across a recipe to make whole wheat crepes. I decided that it was time to learn how to make them so I could have them for breakfast this weekend.

This even is about preparing a balanced breakfast, but what is a balanced breakfast? Masni writes:

A balanced and wholesome breakfast is something that combines 2 or more of the food groups below to fulfill nutrition needs.

Fruits or vegetables (dried fruits are fine too)
Grains and Cereals (whole grains, oats, high-fiber foods)
Dairy (skim milk, low-fat yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese (paneer) )
Proteins (eggs/egg whites, peanut butter, beans, nuts, sprouts, protein isolates)

I always try to eat a balanced breakfast. My parents were very strict when it came to our daily meals and nobody left the house without eating breakfast, even if that meant waking up at 5 am during the week. I always start my day with a bowl of fruit salad with yogurt, oatmeal or cottage cheese. I don’t eat eggs every morning, but I try to eat some kind of protein before starting my day (peanut butter toast, beans or a milk shake with nuts in it)

During the weekends, however, I always try to make fancier breakfasts. I like to experiment and learn. That’s why yesterday morning I made these breakfast crepes that are in my recipes archive now.


I followed this recipe for the whole-wheat crepes. For the filling I sautéed some onion, chopped garlic and broccoli. I then added 3 large eggs to the vegetables and I made a creamy sauce with ½ cup cottage cheese, ½ cup skim milk and ½ cup Parmesan cheese.

This breakfast included vegetables (onions and broccoli), grains and cereals (whole-wheat), dairy (cottage cheese, skim milk, cheese) and proteins (eggs) so I guess it qualifies as a balanced breakfast (not mentioning the bowl of fruit I had before)

Next time I make this breakfast I’ll make the crepes thinner. I can say in my defense that this was my very first time making them. I am also going to put the creamy sauce on top with avocado slices. I realized too late that would’ve looked better for the picture. The crepes were already eaten when I came to this realization.

What is your favorite balanced breakfast?


  • These are my type of breakfasts.Normally I would put these in omlettes, but why not crepes?

  • Hey Ben! I make crepes most weekends. I’ll send you my recipe. They’re whole wheat, but using whole wheat pastry flour makes an enormous difference. I also find that using a 12″ skillet and about 7/8 of a ladleful of batter works best. And lots of cooking spray, or butter, if you prefer. My family’s fave choices on the crepes? Either smoked salmon and sour cream, or cottage cheese, berries and tsp of sugar, fruit and a tsp of maple syrup and sour cream, yogurt and berries, the combinations are endless. Another secret to the perfect crepe is having the pan just the right temp. Congrats on joining the crepe-making world!

  • OMG Ben!! this is like the best breakfast ever!! Those crepes really look nice, and savoury crepes are my favorites, esp the ones in IHOP:)

    Thanks so much for preparing a balanced breakfast meal for my event! I owe you one:)

  • Here it is:

    Jen’s Crepes

    Print Recipe


    3/4 cup whole wheat pastry flour
    1/2 tsp salt
    1 tsp baking powder
    1 TBS powdered sugar

    2/3 cup nonfat milk
    1/3 cup water
    1 egg
    2 egg whites
    1/2 tsp vanilla extract

    Nutritional Info

    Fat: 1.1g
    Carbohydrates: 13.8g
    Protein: 4.8g

    Sift (or pulse in a food processor) the dry ingredients.

    In a separate bowl, beat egg and egg whites, and add milk/water mixture and vanilla extract.

    Combine the two and whisk, but don’t over stir.

    Heat a nonstick pan to medium high heat. After pan has heated, turn it down to medium.

    Lightly spray with butter spray, such as pam. Take a soup ladle, and swirl about 3/4 of a ladle into the frying pan. Turn the pan, as you would when making an omelette, so that a thin coating of the batter covers the pan.

    Cover the pan. Wait about 30 seconds. Give another 1-second spray of the spray on the surface of the crepe. Flip the crepe over. Cook for about another 5 – 10 seconds, uncovered. Makes 6 large crepes.

    Note: if you’re using an actual crepe pan for this, use a 1/4 cup measure instead and fill it a little shy. That will make 12 – 14 small crepes.

    Number of Servings: 6

    Recipe submitted by SparkPeople user JENSHAINES.

  • Good job Ben…I personally have “issues” with a lot of pancake recipes as there are a lot of delicte steps involved. Well done on a great looking batch of crepes.

  • I’ve made crepes once, but it was about 10 years ago! I really need to try again, and I love the whole wheat version.

  • Those crepes look good.

  • Lovely contribution! Great job for a first time at crepes. I’ve never made them myself but am amazed when I see paper thin, perfect crepes served in restaurants.

    I eat breakfast every day after my workout. My most common is what I call “best breakfast” one piece of fruit chopped up and placed in a bowl then covered with half of a container of soy yogurt and 1/3 cup homemade granola. Just under 300 calories and tastes a bit like a fruit cobbler :)

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