Boiled Plantains with Brazilian Cream

I love avocado. That is one of the foods that I almost always have in my house. I use them for soups, guacamole and to accompany my tacos, sandwiches, salads, chili, frijoles rancheros, sopes and many other dishes. I even use them to make an avocado Alfredo sauce. But I had never had avocados for dessert before, until yesterday.

My friends Darrin and Chris came to visit me yesterday all the way from Dayton and after lunch at Max ‘n Ermas and a walk in The Book Loft we prepared a Brazilian cream with lime and rum that I saw online. The cream was really good, but it was too rich and too…creamy… to be eaten by itself. Darrin mentioned that it would go perfectly with some plantains, but alas, I didn’t have any. So I fried some bananas coated with pancake mix instead. I never thought I was going to like an avocado dessert, but this combination was very tasty.

Today when Jon and I were at the grocery store packing up in preparation of the snowstorm that is threatening to leave us with almost 2 feet of snow I got some plantains. When I was ready to try this new combination, I remembered that Bren had written a post on her blog about how to prepare plantains so I headed over there and after reading it I decided to boil mine and this is what came out:

Boiled Plantains with Brazilian cream with rum and lime

1.jpgFor this recipe you will need:

Boiled Plantains with Brazilian Cream
Recipe type: Dessert
Cuisine: Brazilian
  • •2 plantains
  • •2 avocadoes
  • •1/3 cup rum
  • •1/3 cup limejuice
  • •3 TBSP confectioner’s sugar
  • •1 cup heavy cream, whipped
  • •ground cinnamon or fresh ground nutmeg
  1. **For the Plantains:
  2. To make plátanos sancochados (the way Cubans say it) you want to get an “in between” plantain that is more ripe than green. It can’t be black though. It can show some black speckles but it should be more yellow than anything. Cut into 2.5? pieces, boil (with peel on) and then peel… You can sprinkle nutmeg on this mildly sweet plátano or just eat as is.
  3. In medium sauce pan, boil water. With a paring knife, cut off ends of plantain, about ½?. Leaving skin on, cut into 2-3? chunks. Boil for about 20 minutes or until plantain gets bright yellow in center. Remove from boiling water. With the same knife, peel plantain and sprinkle nutmeg or sugar on top.
  4. **For the Cream:
  5. Peel and de-seed avocados (here’s a video on how to do this)
  6. Blend avocadoes, confectioner’s sugar, rum and limejuice to obtain a smooth mixture.
  7. Pour into a bowl and fold in the whipped cream.
  8. Serve with the plantains and enjoy!




If I do this again I will let the plantains boil longer because they were a little bit too hard to eat. Also I’ll use some nutmeg, this time I didn’t have any so I substituted with cinnamon. I think nutmeg would work better.

Although I have heard of avocado desserts before (ice cream, bread), I had never adventured to eat them before. But now I have found a new way to enjoy this delicious fruit.

Buen provecho!

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In other news, I received this today:



Yes, this is the prize someone will be winning in my food event Food for Plastic Challenge II – A taste of spring or fall. There is only one week left so start cooking!


  • That looks good. The Brazilian cream sounds really good!

  • I must have that Tupperware!! *pant pant pant*

    I think this dish would’ve been a good entry into Emiline’s pub crawl, too, Ben. The stronger booze taste of rum is a winner. I didn’t know that plantains are also boiled, I thought they were only fried. I learned something new today!

  • Wow, this is really interesting. I always thought avocados could go into a dessert, because they’re so creamy. So this sounds really good. You should make avocado ice cream!
    Also, I tried plantains about a year ago, and I like them. i made them into chips.
    So I give this dessert 4 stars. No, 5 stars.

  • I’ve never tried plantains boiled; must give it a go one day!

  • I had this recently Ben! At a Mayan restaurant! It was seriously good stuff! 🙂

  • We were JUST looking for a good recipe involving plantains…this looks perfect 🙂 Thanks!


  • I love plantains and have been looking for another good plantain recipe. I can’t wait to give this one a try!

  • that is so funny that you have never had avocados in sweet form…. i grew up in Brazil only eating avocados as a sweet fruit….. avocado with sugar and lime is delicious…. or as smoothie of with milk, sugar, lime, banana, orange and apples….. it is devine…. i'm glad someone tried it the way i think it shoud be eaten…. i don't like avocados in savory dishes and i dispise guacamole…….yuck

  • Beautiful dish! I never thought of eating plaitains with avocado cream. I’m from Brazil and here we do the avocado cream with milk, not cream, so I guess that’s why you thought it was too rich and creamy to eat on its own. I love to eat it on its own, although it is very rich. Adding rum or our national spirit cachaça seems like a very good idea too 🙂

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