Chicken relleno

2080508623_ecc80b1b5f.jpgThere is a food event out there that I really enjoy. This is the second time I participate in it and, just like last time, it was a lot of fun. I am talking about Taste & Create. Every month two participants get paired and they browse through each other’s recipes, choose one to cook and blog about it. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? Last month I got paired with Stef from Cupcake project and made some wild Margarita cupcakes.

This month I got very excited when I found out I was paired with my sweet and very industrious friend Val. It was very difficult to choose just one recipe from the long list of delicious comfort food on her blog. But after browsing a couple of times through her blog I had to go with one of her most popular recipes from last year, Tortilla Crusted Chicken Relleno with Cilantro Sauce.


Stuffed chicken

That is a long name for a recipe, but don’t let that scare you. This chicken is a cheese chile relleno wrapped in a chicken breast and crusted with tortilla chips. And though mine didn’t look as pretty as Val’s (I must confess I was in a hurry that day and messed it up trying to take shortcuts. I should know better!), it was a layer after layer of flavor. Don’t you love the pepper jack cheese melting from the inside? The poblano chiles give this dish great flavor and the tortilla crust crunches your senses away. But that’s not it, the cilantro sauce that the chicken is served with is another explosion of flavor in your mouth.

This feast is one that I will be having again and again and again. Thank you Val for such wonderful dish.


  • I need t get involved in this one…what a great idea to cook someone else’s recipes…but with all that is going on in the blogosphere who can keep up? Nice dish Ben and is that tzatziki I see on the side of the dish?

  • Yumm. Its a interesting event for sure! I love how you and Val worked so well together.

  • Ben, the rice, the chicken just look fabuloso!

  • I am so glad that you enjoyed this dish Ben:D It was one of my favourites as well..everyone should try crushed tortilla chips on their chicken 😀 Your photos make the dish look marvelous..I am truly impressed!!! I am so glad we were partners this month:D

  • I totally recognized this from Val – I have been wanting to make it. Chili rellenos are my favorite, so this would be excellent!

  • What rice is that?? It look delicious! The chicken also looks really really yummy!

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  • Wow! That looks muy rico! I’m drooling on the keyboard. A must try.

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