Chicken and butter with a citric flavor

sass1.jpgOne of my favorite blogs, and one that I’ve been reading for a while in Bloggsville, is Kelly’s Sass & Veracity. I love the way she writes her posts. She introduces her recipes with a funny story (not really funny stories, but she writes them in a way that makes you laugh) that shares a little bit of the way she looks at the world. Her blog subtitle couldn’t be more suiting: Fat Free Opinions on a Food Centric Life.

Last week ne of Kelly’s friends wanted to put something together that didn’t required a lot of steps. So Kelly being the good friend she is posted a recipe from Saveur magazine that was both easy and delicious: Chicken in lemon-parsley sauce. As soon as I read the recipe I knew I wanted to try it. And since it was about time to start dinner I went down to the kitchen and gathered all the ingredients for a new adventure.

However, I didn’t follow the exact recipe. First, the recipe calls for 14 TBSP of cold butter. That’s way too much butter (I know there is no such thing as too much butter, but I really need to start watching what I eat) so I only used 5. And second, I didn’t have any lemons in my fridge, so I used the juice of a good-looking orange that needed to be squeezed. Here is the recipe.

If you have been reading this blog for some time you might already know that I love chicken, but this chicken in orange-parsley sauce was heaven. I am sure it would’ve tasted better if I had used all the butter the recipe called for, but there should be a limit. Why are the good things in life so bad for your health? There is something really wrong with this world.

I took pictures of the chicken, but they are still in the film inside my camera. Yes, I still use my old SLR Minolta for my photographs and though I love her to death, the time to upgrade has come. I am spending too much money and the whole process of developing films is becoming a not-very-practical pain in the neck. Unfortunately I don’t have the money right now to invest in a (decent) digital camera. So I will have to keep using my obsolete yet amazing camera.

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  • Ben, you are a complete stud. Now nice of you to say such nice things. And I agree about the buttah. It does make me wonder how those who develop the recipes we try decide that it is 14 T and not a quarter of that that MUST go into a recipe. I need to find that blog on food chemistry and ask that question…

    I’m dying over your site design now. I’m trying to do something similar for my nonfood blog and just don’t have the time to sit and get it done. I’ll figure it out, though, and be using this one for inspiration. THANKS SO MUCH!

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