Puff Pastry

EmpanadasSince I couldn’t prepare some of the Mexican Christmas recipes for monetary reasons, I figured the least I could do for my readers was to share one of my most valued recipes, the pastry dough I use for my little bakery empanadas. My mom learned this recipe from one of her cousins who learned it from her mom. There are many kinds of empanadas in Spain and Latin America, but the dough for the ones my mom made was flaky and crunchy (pasta hojaldrada). Now I know that in the U.S. they call it puff pastry.

I adapted the original recipe to my needs and it has turned out to be very good for many dinners and desserts. Today I will give you only my recipe for puff pastry and in the future I will give you some recipes in which I use it. It is so delicious that it goes well with pretty much anything.

I made a video, my first one and I’m thinking my last one since I am a very shy person who doesn’t know much about video editing. I hope it is clear enough so you understand what is going on.


Puff Pastry
Recipe type: Pastry
At the end of the video I mentioned that the dough needed to be folded and rolled at least six times. I don’t think that part came out right, for some reason the last chapters of the video disappeared. But yes, you need to fold and roll the dough two times and let it rest in the fridge for 10 minutes until you complete the 6 folds. When that’s done you can storage it in the fridge inside a plastic container or bag for up to a week.
  • •1 lb 8 oz flour (6-7 cups)
  • •14 oz (400gr) lard or 16 oz (500gr) unsalted butter
  • •1 tsp salt
  • •½ lime
  • •1 ½ cups lukewarm water
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To make empanadas you can use fruit or meat. You can also use the dough for potpies, pizzas, turnovers and much more. What I love about this dough is that you can be very creative with it. So if you have an idea of how to use it I’d love to hear it.

I don’t know if I am going to be able to post again before Christmas. If I am not around I just want to wish you all a Merry Christmas from my family to yours. I am not a Christian, but I love all the pagan decorations and mythology and, overall, the message of peace and love associated with this season.

Feliz Navidad and buen provecho!
Happy Yuletide to the rest of us.

Update March-26-08: What do you do with leftover puff pastry dough? Puff pastry hearts! Just roll a long, thin rectangle  and sprinkle cinnamon and sugar. Fold lengthwise two times and cut little cookies and put on cookie sheet. Bake at 350° F for 10-15 minutes or until golden brown. They should look like this:



  • Feliz Navidad Ben! These look so good! Have a great holiday!

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  • How the heck did I miss this? You make it look so easy, I’m inspired to try again. I haven’t tried since my very first DB challenge back in April. Whattabrick! And the video is excellent!

  • Aww best video ever! You MUST make more! (or maybe there is more and I just haven’t found them yet?) I haven’t made puff pastry since we did croissants way back at the beginning of the DBer’s.. and I’ve never wanted to make it again.. until now.

    So for croissants it was definitely butter. You use lard, although your recipe says you can use both. Why do you prefer lard over butter? Does it make a flakier dough?

    Thank you SO MUCH for sharing the recipe and the video!


  • Thanks for the proclaim, i dont unusually do much christmas shopping but retard -stairs, also i possess added you to RSS gratify detain working :)


  • Thanks for much for this recipe. I’m currently living overseas (Okinawa, Japan) and have missed empanadas (especially the pina ones) so much.I’m here for another 2 years so this recipe definitely helps!

    Thanks Again!

  • These look great, are you putting up any new posts soon!

  • Hi! Texas girl here. I stop by Mi Tierra Cafe in the Mexican market in San Antonio, TX every time I visit there just to get a guava empanada. I found your site while looking for a recipe for guava empanadas. I recently purchased rhubarb at our local farmer’s market and, oddly, it reminds me a bit of guava…so now my creative wheels are spinning and I’m wondering if I can try to make empanadas with a rhubarb fruit filling. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful tutorial on how to make the pastry dough!

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