News — By Ben on 19 November 2007
Easy bread

cut.jpgAlthough I love to bake, I always think twice about it when yeast is involved. My mom always avoided it, maybe that is why I grew wary of it. However, I decided I was going to bake the bread we consume to help save money for some house repairs. That’s when I started looking for bread recipes and ran across this popular video that you might have seen before.

whole.jpgThe very first time I made it I burnt it. I completely forgot it was in the oven and when I looked it was burnt through the center. My second attempt wasn’t too bad. But still I am not too crazy about this no-knead bread. It might be easy to make, but I like fluffy, soft bread better. Next try is going to be wheat bread and bolillos. Any advice?

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  1. Hiya Ben…thanks for ringing in the Biscotti season. I agree with you re yeast breads, and for some strange reason am wary of them too. I tried my hand at a garlic loaf…which I thought came out pretty sad, but the kids & DH mercifully finished it off! Your bread looks ‘loafs’ better than mine did! Since then, have decided that my strength lies in baking powder!! Cheers!

  2. Yeast bread is not all that scary – this is coming from someone who used to be afraid of yeast…but it just takes time. I think that is why it is avoided so much these days.

  3. How about giving a try at making your own sourdough starter? It makes great tasting bread, and you never have to use yeast again.
    BTW, your loaf looks great!

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