Easy bread

cut.jpgAlthough I love to bake, I always think twice about it when yeast is involved. My mom always avoided it, maybe that is why I grew wary of it. However, I decided I was going to bake the bread we consume to help save money for some house repairs. That’s when I started looking for bread recipes and ran across this popular video that you might have seen before.

whole.jpgThe very first time I made it I burnt it. I completely forgot it was in the oven and when I looked it was burnt through the center. My second attempt wasn’t too bad. But still I am not too crazy about this no-knead bread. It might be easy to make, but I like fluffy, soft bread better. Next try is going to be wheat bread and bolillos. Any advice?


  • Hiya Ben…thanks for ringing in the Biscotti season. I agree with you re yeast breads, and for some strange reason am wary of them too. I tried my hand at a garlic loaf…which I thought came out pretty sad, but the kids & DH mercifully finished it off! Your bread looks ‘loafs’ better than mine did! Since then, have decided that my strength lies in baking powder!! Cheers!

  • Yeast bread is not all that scary – this is coming from someone who used to be afraid of yeast…but it just takes time. I think that is why it is avoided so much these days.

  • How about giving a try at making your own sourdough starter? It makes great tasting bread, and you never have to use yeast again.
    BTW, your loaf looks great!

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